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15 December 2006 @ 06:48 pm
Challenge #1 - Round #7 - Voting  

Wonderful, our three semi-finalist entered and we are now about to know our final participants:)
And please everyone, don't forget to vote and to support your fellow icon makers:) Read the rules carefully, because they are not the usual ones^^

Voting rules:

- Please vote for ONE icon in each group that you think it is of lesser quality. You thus have to vote for a total of TWO icons, one in each group.
- You have to give an explanation. Your votes must be based on the formal quality of the icons and not your own subjectivity or opinion. Make sure to give a constructive criticism that might help the maker to improve.

Voting example:
Group 1 - # 09 : Explanation
Group 2 - # 75 : Explanation

- Good luck everyone!


Group 1 (black/white)


Group 2 (colour)